Additional pastoral expertise and support at SSIS is provided by the School Counsellors who are always ready to support students or families.

SSIS counsellors regard the therapeutic relationship as being a valuable asset within the SSIS community. Our team of counsellors work collaboratively with students in a unique, confidential and enabling relationship.

In the helping relationship, the counsellor assists the student in exploring and enhancing their self-awareness of their world while empowering them to reach their full potential. The counsellor and student explore the student’s feelings and behaviours, relationships within their community, choices and decisions, as well as the student’s current situation.

Counselling and group-work programs are available to even our youngest students and these are provided in a way that supports and encourages them to communicate their feelings and experiences. This is achieved through offering a range of age-appropriate expressive and talking therapies that best support this process.

Counselling for Elementary and Early Years students takes place in our cheerful and well-equipped designated counselling playrooms and children are encouraged to utilise a variety of creative mediums including painting, drawing, sand play and clay modelling. Counselling in our Secondary School usually takes place in the counsellor’s office where the therapeutic relationship is based on the principle of unconditional positive regard and mutual respect. All conversations are confidential unless the student is in immediate harm – that is hurting themselves, hurting other people, or other people are hurting them.

All students may self-refer, meaning seek an appointment themselves, or be referred by parents, staff or other students.

Apart from counseling, our team are play an active role in the development of the comprehensive SSIS well-being program while hosting regular parent and student workshops and parent coffee mornings themed around the emotional well-being of our students and their community.