Secondary School

The Secondary School extracurricular activities programme offers a range of after school, and lunchtime activities in the areas of arts and creativity, sport and service. These are run by teachers with skills and expertise in these areas.

Extracurricular activities are run as whole year programs, in semesters or as part of a dedicated sports season within a semester. SSIS operates a 5:00 pm bus service for students to travel home on days when they have activities.

Arts & Creativity

The Secondary School offers a vibrant arts and creativity programme including visual arts, drama, music ensembles and choirs, as well as debating, Model United Nations, Chess, Publications, such as the school yearbook, to cater for students of varying abilities and interests.

Our arts faculty comprises of talented and passionate teachers who direct extra-curriculum ensembles and activities meet during lunch times and after school.

The music ensembles include a choice of Drumming with a focus on contemporary projects and Taiko (Japanese) drumming, Concert Band, Orchestra, Ukulele Ensemble and Choir.

For those students passionate about music, we also offer a private instrumental and vocal program through the Community Learning Hub.

For the more dramatic students, we offer improvisation workshops and opportunities to audition for our annual production. In previous years we have performed, James and the Giant Peach, Wizard of Oz and A Lad in Pants.

SSIS is a member of ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian Schools), who hold an annual Cultural and Arts Festival. These festivals are hosted by different schools in the ACAMIS network and enable students to come together for two days to participate in a series of workshops and to enjoy fellowship with like-minded students from other schools.


The Secondary School service programme supports the curriculum requirements of the IBDP Creativity, Activity and Service and the MYP Service as Action by encouraging service-learning opportunities for students and by partnering with various community service organisations locally, nationally and globally.

These clubs meet during lunchtimes on different days of the week.

Activities available to students include, working with animal welfare groups such as Animals Asia, or local animal shelters through the Paws4Cause club, engaging with orphans at a school in South Africa through the South Africa Vastfontein Project or building relationships with the elderly at the Xi Yang Hong Retirement Home, or showing responsibility towards our environment though Project Earth’s two clubs: The Recycling Club and The Million Tree Project. Learn more

Service plays an important role in the development of our students as responsible, global citizens. For this reason, a commitment to a service club for Grades 9-10 is a school requirement and for Grades 11-12 is an IB requirement.


At SSIS we believe that sports play a key role in developing balanced students. We have a strong focus on developing individuals and teams. To achieve this, we encourage all students to participate in sports and aim to have teams for as many students as possible. SSIS has fantastic sporting facilities with four Indoor courts, 2 Soccer fields, a competition swimming pool, tennis courts and multiple indoor spaces including a Fitness center.

Our Senior Secondary teams have had great success in recent years winning 15 ACAMIS Championships in a variety of sports as well as several SISAC league championships. As the only Suzhou school to participate in the Shanghai International Schools Athletic Conference we provide our student athletes with strongest level of competition available in the region and arguably any international school worldwide.

Junior Secondary Sports

Junior Secondary (Grade 6-8) sports teams train on Tuesday and Thursday with eight sports played across the year. (see attached calendar) All students have the opportunity to participate in these sports with opportunities provided for all students that sign up.

Students participate in the CISSA* league that includes other schools from Suzhou and Shanghai. CISSA is a great place for student athletes to develop in their chosen sport, meet students from other international schools and have fun. Each season involves training and games and culminates with a season ending round robin tournament generally on a Saturday.

The season schedules are available here.

*China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA) is a highly regarded International Schools association that emphasizes involvement for all international schools and fosters individual and team excellence in a co-operative, friendly and enjoyable environment between all participating students.

Senior Secondary Sports

Senior Secondary (Grade 9-12) teams train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. By this stage of their sporting journey students are prepared for a more competitive season. Core team sports of Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer have a full season of home and away games within the SISAC Sports league. Other sports including Badminton, Cross Country, Tennis, Touch Rugby, Track and Field have a series of lead up events and culminate with season ending events in the SISAC* and ACAMIS* conferences.

The season schedules are available here.

* Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC) aims to provide season based sports competition and activity events in a well-chaperoned environment for students of international schools in the greater Shanghai area

* Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) is an international league serving Grade 9 to 12 students. With its home stay requirements and social focus, it is a great place for our student athletes to grow as individuals and improve their skills. We attend events all over China as part of this association. ACAMIS tournaments are 2 or 3 day events.

ACAMIS strives to:

  • Give students the opportunity to experience new endeavors as scholar-athletes.
  • Allow students to participate in sports.
  • Allow students a safe environment in which to experience winning and losing.
  • Allow students to experience the thrill of being a part of a team.
  • Give students the opportunity to travel.
  • Foster interaction with students from other schools, and develop bonds of friendship.


SSIS runs a year round Swim team with currently around 80 swimmers ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 12. We compete in a competitions conducted by the Shanghai Swim League, attend invitational events including the Taipei American School Tigersharks invitational and we also host major meets including ACAMIS Swimming in 2016 and again in 2017 which brings together 500 swimmers from 25 schools from all over China. Our teams train across the week with separate Elementary and Secondary training sessions as well as access to further training due to our association with the Sailfish Elite swimming club.

Secondary activities offered:

Arts & Creativity

  • Chess
  • Clog Dancing
  • Concert Band
  • Debating
  • Drumming
  • Highly Strung
  • Improvisation
  • String Ensemble
  • Junior Drumming
  • Model United Nations
  • NoteOriety
  • NoteOrious Voices
  • Origami
  • Production - Cast
  • Production - Band
  • Production - Crew (Costumes, Props, Make-up)
  • Publications - Writing
  • Publications- Design
  • Publications- Editing
  • Publications- Photography
  • Production - Set Design
  • Ukulele Ensemble


  • Animals Asia
  • BoAi School
  • Giving Tree Project
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • International Youth Rights
  • Junior Secondary Student Council
  • Org4Peace
  • Paws4Cause
  • Project Earth - Million Tree Project
  • Project Earth - Recycling Club
  • Senior Secondary Student Council
  • South Africa Vastfontein Project
  • Sports Committee
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Suzhou Heritage
  • Suzhou Orphanage Support Group
  • Xi Yang Hong Retirement Home


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Fitness Group
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch Rugby
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball