Student Information

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Family Information

Course Required

A discount will be provided to returning students register and pay before 8 March 2019.

Please write the (Fapiao) title

You may collect Tax invoice (Fapiaos) from our finance office.​​ No change on the fapiao’s title once one completes the registration.​​​

Cancellation/Refund Policy
(Please read these carefully and contact Summer Programme Admission if anything is unclear)

  • Full refund given if student withdraws on or before April 30th
  • 2019年4月30日之前取消,100%全额退款
  • 50% refund given if student withdraws between May 1st and May 31st
  • 2019年5月1日至31日之间取消,所交款项的50%给予退款
  • No refunds will be given for student withdrawals after June 1st
  • 2019年6月1日之后取消,不给予任何退款
  • There will be no refunds if students fail to attend Summer Programme classes for personal reasons. There will be no refunds if students withdraw for any reasons after arrival or before the end of the Summer Programme
  • 由于个人原因取消注册的,不给予任何退款,课程开始之后以及中间不给予任何退款
  • Cancellation request must be sent by parent / guardian to the school by email ( before the cancellation deadline
  • 取消申请必须以邮件形式于取消截止日之前发送到学校邮箱(
  • The refund applies only to the summer school tuition fee
  • 退费比例基于所交款项中的学费
  • The refund will only be processed when the official fapiao is returned to the school
  • 退费申请只有在提交了原始缴费凭证-发票之后才能处理


Please email if your location is not listed above.

Please email if your location is not listed above.

Medical Information

Additional Information

Parent Authorization

1. I know that every reasonable and customary precaution will be taken to assure the safety of everyone. I waive all claims in the event of an accident or injury and absolve the SSIS Summer Programme and all individuals thereof, from responsibility.


2. I understand that in the event of an illness or accident to my child, SSIS Summer Programme will make all reasonable attempts to contact me.


3. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby grant SSIS Summer Programme full discretion to consult a licensed physician of their choice to attend to my child. All medical fees and any other expenses shall be borne by me. In case SSIS Summer Programme makes any advance payment for my child, I will reimburse SSIS Summer Programme within 7 days upon my receipt of the relevant invoices or documents showing specific amount spent by SSIS Summer Programme.


4. I also understand that if my child shows any sign of being ill or unwell, my child may be isolated from the other children and given supervision.


5. I further understand that medication may be administered by SSIS's nurse according to the directions given by the licensed physician.


6. I hereby authorize SSIS's nurse to administer the following common household medications: Antiseptic lotion, Hydrocortisone Butyrate cream, Votalin ointment, Normal saline, and Bactroban.


7. I confirm and agree that photographs, videos, of my child may appear in school materials, including but not limited to brochures, school related websites, in advertisements, and newsletters. I will waive all my right to claim any infringement or compensation against SSIS Summer Programme for the photographs, films or videos on which media the child may appear in school materials.


8. I have read and understand the policies listed hereof and agree to cooperate.


Parent Authorization