Admission Criteria


Suzhou Singapore International School must abide by the Chinese National Education Commission’s guidelines when admitting students to our school:

  • The child must hold a foreign passport and valid residency permit and reside in China with at least one parent.
  • At least one parent must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China.
  • Students are allowed to study under guardianship placements. The guardian must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China. The guardian must submit to SSIS authorization from the student’s parents.
  • Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan passport holders are considered foreign passports and one of the parents must hold permanent residency in these areas.
  • SSIS is not able to apply for a student visa for any students. For students already enrolled at SSIS who are aged 18 + residing with parents in Suzhou area, SSIS is able to apply to the Suzhou Education Bureau for a Letter of Confirmation which the student can use when applying for an “X2” visa.
  • Under certain circumstances other children may conditionally qualify. In these cases SSIS must report to the Suzhou Education Bureau for recording.

Grade Level Placement

Different school systems often have different naming for grade levels and different cut off dates for placing a child in a particular grade level. Our priority is to ensure that a child is placed in the grade level most appropriate for them while they are at SSIS.

All grade level placement decisions and any change in grade placement are made by the Principals in consultation with relevant staff.

A student applying to SSIS shall be placed in a grade level according to:

  • a. Date of birth
  • b. Grade level or year equivalent completed
  • c. Current or most recent academic placement
  • d. Any special learning needs or support requirements
  • e. Results of their placement assessment

Grade level placement guide