SSIS has earned a reputation as one of the best international schools in China. Our students have consistently averaged 34 or more in the IB Diploma Programme for the past seven years; four points higher than the world average. This is a remarkable achievement given SSIS is a school that fully supports access to the IB Diploma Programme for all students.

Class of 2017 achievements

IB Diploma Results

In addition, the High School Diploma students who wrote IB Certificate Exams achieved a pass rate of 100%.

Students in DP6065665557
IB Diplomas awarded5661635457
SSIS pass rate94%96%96%98%100%
Global pass rate79%79.4%80.8%79.3%78.4%
SSIS average score3434343436
Global average score3030303030

SAT results

The SAT is a standardized examination offered to college-bound students worldwide, and a SAT score is required by many universities in order to complete the admissions process. Two key areas, math and reading, are measured, with an optional essay portion (as of 2017).

Critical reading501546570545575
Global average496497495494
Global average514513511508

University Destinations

Beginning with our first graduates in 2005, SSIS students have been accepted into 375 universities and colleges in 21 countries across the globe. Many students have studied at top universities however our goal is to help students find the “best fit” when selecting courses and universities.

Our four College Counsellors work with students (and their parents) in choosing and applying for colleges and universities. The College Counsellors begin working with students at the end of Grade 8, with increasing assistance and guidance in Grade 11 and 12.

Over the course of the year SSIS receives visits from 120 universities world-wide. Students are able to gather information about the courses offered and admissions requirements helping them to make better decisions regarding their post-secondary options.

Community Survey Results

Each year we survey parents thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards SSIS, assessing major areas of the school—including quality of teaching, quality of learning, leadership and learning environment among others. The data is analyzed, trends are identified and used to inform the school’s strategies.

Parent satisfaction


My child likes being at this school.


My child feels safe at this school.


My child's learning needs are being meet at this school.


My child is making good progress at this school.


This school looks for ways to improve


Staff at this school are approachable


This school keeps me well informed


This school provides me with useful feedback about my child’s progress


This school has a strong sense of community


I would recommend this school to others.


This school is a good school.


Overall Satisfaction Rating