Mission, Vision & Values


Suzhou Singapore International School provides an excellent international education to the children of expatriate families.


The staff, students and parents of Suzhou Singapore International School work in partnership to create a learning environment that encourages and enables students to be self-motivated, lifelong learners, who value other cultures and are responsible, meaningful participants in the international community.


To create an environment where students thrive with high expectations for continual growth: developing the capacities to excel in a 21st Century global community; accepting themselves, showing compassion for others and welcoming the opportunities presented by a diverse world.


  • Personal Rigour - We choose to be lifelong learners, each of us striving to be the best version of ourselves. To achieve this, we reflect on who we are and what is important. We acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. We develop understanding of how we can be better in different areas of our lives and commit to improvement. We adopt a growth mindset and put in the time and effort needed to succeed.
  • Principled - We choose to be principle-centred. We act with compassion and integrity; treating all people honestly and with respect; we celebrate the contributions of others. We follow our conscience; making decisions and taking action based on what is fair and just and standing up for what is right. We do this even when it is difficult.
  • Open-Minded - We choose to face the world with an open mind. We don't jump to conclusions; we don’t impute motives: we listen to understand. We take different perspectives into account and consider all available evidence when forming opinions. Being open-minded does not mean embracing the values and actions of others unconditionally. We never accept values that show contempt to others, instead we ethically engage those that hold them.


  • To Physical and Emotional Safety - We are committed to providing a physically and emotionally safe school environment for all members of our community at all times - on campus, to and from campus, and during school trips.
  • To Learning - We are committed to learning. Student learning is our highest priority, closely followed by staff and parent learning. At SSIS students, teachers and parents are expected to join us in a commitment to learning and encouraged to become lifelong learners.
  • To Service - We are committed to service - service to students and their families, service to colleagues, and service to the wider community, especially those less fortunate than ourselves. We are committed to listening, engaging in honest, respectful dialogue and working with our community to provide the levels of service that they deserve. We welcome feedback that celebrates what we are doing well and highlights areas where we can improve.
  • To Communication - We are committed to engaging in clear, timely and respectful communication at all times.
  • To Identity - Parents rightly expect quality. This means that we seek to employ and retain the best teachers, that our buying decisions put quality as an important criterion, and we look to maintain, invest in and extend our facilities to the highest standards.