SSIS Emergency Communication System

Posted: December 16, 2016

With the winter weather closing in on us, it is time to communicate with you again about our emergency communication system.

In the possible event of school closure due to snow (or any other situation that may affect student welfare), the following steps will be taken:

  1. A comprehensive analysis will take place to determine if there is a threat to student welfare or safety (e.g. the bus supervisor advises that snow or ice on the road will affect safe driving conditions in significant sections of the city).
  2. A message will be posted on the school website to advise that school will be closed with an estimate of the period of closure. A short email will be sent to parents’ email addresses.
  3. If possible, a small team of administrative staff will remain at school to respond to any telephone calls or families that arrive as they did not receive or see the above messages.
  4. A message regarding whether the school will be open or closed the following day will be emailed and posted on the website.

We do hope that it is not necessary to use these procedures, but it is important for you to be aware of them in case there is a need for school closure.

Last Updated: December 16, 2016