SSIS students experience the Spirit of Giving

Posted: December 9, 2016

30 students, teachers and parents experienced the spirit of giving personally this week when visiting the Suzhou Flair Primary School to present Giving Tree gift bags to 630 Grade 1 to 3 students on behalf of the SSIS community.

The Giving Tree project was set up to show generosity to children in need, in the hope to inspire them to show generosity to others later on in life when they have the opportunity. The ceremony was the culmination of many months of hard work for the Giving Tree project student group. The students were able to see first-hand how they positively impacted the lives of others in their local community.

Giving Tree project supervisor, Lina Farrow said “Watching the trepidation and excitement in the children’s faces before they opened their bags, and the huge smiles when they examined each one of the items they had received, made each and every effort worthwhile.”

“I can firmly say that it is not only the students at Suzhou Flair Primary School who benefited from this project. Our service group members are now more aware of the plight of many migrant workers who come to Suzhou with their families looking for a brighter future. Hopefully, by empathizing with their situation, our students can think of ways in which to support and empower these members of our local community in the future.”

Our sincere thanks to the SSIS community for your generosity and support of this extraordinary project.

Last Updated: December 9, 2016