• New SSIS website: coming soon

    Posted January 18, 2017

    We’re excited to announce that we will launch our new and refreshed website on Tuesday, 14 February.

  • Secondary Performing Arts Concert

    Posted January 13, 2017

    Don’t miss your chance to see a wealth of talented SSIS musicians and performers at the Secondary Performing Arts Concert on Wednesday, January 18.

  • SSIS Emergency Communication System

    Posted December 16, 2016

    With the winter weather closing in on us, it is time to communicate with you again about our emergency communication system.

  • SSIS presents The Rocky Monster Show

    Posted January 6, 2017

    The self-proclaimed Mad-Professor of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Fenton, has created a perfect rock star! Who is it? How good is he/she? Have we seen this person before – at school, at Starbucks, on TV? And do we have one narrator or 85?

  • What do teachers do on their Professional Learning days?

    Posted November 17, 2016

    While students had two days off from school in November, SSIS teachers were busy engaging in professional learning activities.

  • SSIS students receive outstanding IB results again

    Posted July 20, 2016

    Congratulations to the Class of 2016 who received outstanding IB Diploma results.

  • SSIS students experience the Spirit of Giving

    Posted December 9, 2016

    30 students, teachers and parents experienced the spirit of giving personally this week when visiting the Suzhou Flair Primary School to present Giving Tree gift bags to 630 Grade 1 to 3 students on behalf of the SSIS community.

  • Community Learning Hub: registrations open

    Posted December 9, 2016

    At SSIS, we believe in the importance of taking on new challenges. We aim to provide a comprehensive activities programme that gives our students the opportunities to experience and develop new skills and activities.

  • Christmas Trees, Tinsel, Violins, Choirs and Smiles

    Posted December 2, 2016

    This was the feeling and theme of the very successful and warm atmosphere of the Christmas Tree lighting on Thursday, 1 December.

  • Let’s dance!

    Posted November 24, 2016

    On Wednesday Early Years students took to the dance floor to show off their newly learned dance moves to an enthusiastic audience of parents and friends.

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